• Stations


    Author(s):Nick Mulgrew
    Published By:
    New Africa Books (Pty) Ltd
    Date Published:
    1 March 2016
    186 pages
    South Africa
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In his debut collection of award-winning stories, Nick Mulgrew tells fourteen subtly interlinked tales set along the Southern African coastline from Cape Town to Mozambique, in which relationships, dreams and even narrators die: where fields catch fire, towers implode and the shadows of the past grow long. But even from the most uneasy corners tourist traps, colonial purgatories and libraries for the blind's these stories offer small mercies: glimpses of faith, beauty, and the possibility of salvation, no matter how slight.
Told with the magpie's eye for the vivid in the ordinary, and the surreal in the everyday, Stations presents a fresh, compelling and essential new voice.