At the age of 15, Zulu boy Nathi discovers an old photograph buried under sand in his village. It is of a young white couple holding a baby. He is mesmerised by the beauty of the woman in the photograph and keeps it hidden in his hut, believing it will lead him to his destiny. When his older brother is released from prison for theft and rape and tells Nathi his tale of crime, Nathi realises the photograph is part of the booty his brother buried in the village. When Nathi goes to the city to look for work he takes the photograph with him. He finds a job as gardener for a wealthy Jewish family and when he meets one of his employer's daughters he is dumbfounded. He is convinced this is a sign from the ancestors and that a childhood dream is coming true. He falls into a forbidden love and the relationship is kept secret for fear of rejection by both families. Their love hurdles taboos and sacred traditions but these challenges become child's play when the daughter makes a shocking discovery.