Until Julius Comes is an unprecedented, rollicking journey through the South African political scene in an election year. Into townships, brand-name hotels, mansions and shacks, Richard Poplak follows the political parties and major role-players along their respective campaign trails.

With his sharp wit and insightful observations, he exposes the tricks of the political trade as well as the skullduggery that comes with it. He offers readers a rare glimpse of what happens behind the scenes as political parties fight for votes.Writing under the byline Hannibal Elector he spares no-one: not Julius Malema and his township Boer chic dress sense, Madame Zille who in his words sends out Braveheart vibes, Mamphela Ramfeeler, Zuma Inc or ordinary South Africans like Wiekus Kotze, the white EFF front guy.In vignettes that are hilarious, moving and terrifying, Poplak rips back the curtain and exposes the country for what it is: a bustling, contested and divided circus trying to find its way to wholeness. This is the political book South Africa has been waiting for.