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  • Principles Of Led Light Communications

    Principles Of Led Light Communications

    Balancing theoretical analysis and practical advice, this book describes all the underlying principles required to build high performance indoor optical wireless communication (OWC) systems based on visible and infrared light, alongside essential techniques for optimising systems by maximising
    Price and availability uncertain
  • Visible Light Communication

    Visible Light Communication

    Edited by:Shlomi Arnon
    Visible light communication (VLC) is an evolving communication technology for short-range applications. Exploiting recent advances in the development of high-power visible-light emitting LEDs, VLC offers an energy-efficient, clean alternative to RF technology, enabling the development of optical
    Price and availability uncertain
  • Flow In Porous Rocks

    Flow In Porous Rocks

    Author(s):Andrew W. Woods
    Focusing on simplified models of physical flow processes, this book develops a series of quantitative models to describe the recovery of oil and gas from hydrocarbon reservoirs (including fracking), the physics of geo-sequestration of CO2, geothermal power production, and the potential for
    Price and availability uncertain