The Story of Exclusive Books

Exclusive Books has a rich history - a colourful past of peaceful protest, fascinating stories and a family of staff, all boasting eclectic and wide-ranging knowledge. We are more than a store: we are a shared cultural touchpoint with personality and authority made possible through passion and an undying love of literature.

We opened our first store on King George Street in Johannesburg in 1951 and have since expanded to close to 50 stores with 1 in Botswana and one that can only be found in the sky - While we may be online, at heart we remain as we started out: a quirky local bookstore staffed by the keenest of readers and still crazy about books after all these years.

In 2015 we moved into a new era, and while our hearts will always be buried somewhere in a thousand books, we have branched out into the magical world of coffee in select stores. In every step of the journey from bean to brew, everything from our choice of coffee roaster (Legado), to the uniforms, cups and even the frames selected for the coffee labels is done with passionate enthusiasm and keen attention to detail.

The ethos of EB Cafe is an uncompromising dedication to quality and an artful approach to coffee - the same guiding principles with which we sell our beloved books. Our knowledgeable and passionate baristas undergo stringent training before they are allowed to pour the first cup of EB coffee. Visiting an EB Cafe and ordering a chemex is a life-changing experience, on par with visiting an Exclusive Books Hyde Park to buy a much-coveted coffee table book. Our customers are discerning and inquisitive and our exquisite coffee range satisfies this curiosity. We offer multiple coffees (at least three in each Cafe) and various brewing methods. Books and coffee are a perfect match and in our EB Cafes we wish to deliver an exceptional experience of both. We hope you love our Cafes as much as we do.

EB Cafe can currently be found in the following Exclusive Books stores: Rosebank Mall, V&A Waterfront, Canal Walk, Clearwater Mall, Hyde Park, and Killarney Mall.