Table of Contents:

1. User management
2. Fanatics
3. Product information
4. Profile information
5. Shopping information
6. Email a page
7. Print a page
8. Security
9. Contacting us
10. Corporate sales
11. Our stores

1. User Management

1.1. Registering

You can browse and search the Exclusives product catalogue, and read many articles, reviews and features on our site, without registering. However, if you wish to contribute content to the site (such as a review or comment), or you want to personalize the site, or you want to buy any of the products in our catalogue, you will need to be a registered user who has signed in.

Registering is easy and will only take a minute. The only information that we need from you is your name, a user name, a password, your email address, and a security question and answer.

User names:

  • Should not contain more than 15 characters

  • Should not contain spaces

  • Should not be offensive

  • Must be unique

To register, simply visit the registration page and follow the on-screen prompts.

1.2. Fanatics members

If you are a Fanatics member, enter your Fanatics number. We will send you an email with a confirmation link in it. Clicking the confirmation link will take you to the page where you can complete your registration. All the information you have previously registered with Fanatics will be automatically imported into your web site profile.

If there is no email address associated with your Fanatics profile, please call our call centre (+27 11 798 0111), where an agent will assist you with the registration process.

1.3. Signing in

To make use of many features on the Exclusives site, you will need to be a registered user, and you will need to sign in to your account.

Signing in consists of entering your unique user name and password.

If you have forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot Password' link and a new password will be emailed to you.

When signing in, it is recommended that you check the box that says 'Remember me'. This will ensure that you do not have to repeatedly sign in every time you visit the site. However, if you are using a computer that is used by other people, it is recommended that you do not check this box!

1.4. Password Management

Passwords must be at least 6 characters long and may only contain letters and numbers. If you forget your password, select the forgot password link (shown below), and follow the on screen instructions:

A new password will be mailed to your primary email address. If you are not able to collect mail at that address, please
contact us.

You can change your password at any time. Furthermore, we recommend you change your password after we have generated a new password for you.

To change your password, sign in to
your profile and select the My Profile -> Security tab as shown:

You will be presented with the form shown below:

Type in the user name and the old password, and then type in the new password twice.

The security question is created when you register. It will be used by the call centre to verify your identity when performing certain operations over the phone, such as changing your password.

We recommend that you change your security question after each use. To change it, sign in and visit your profile. Visit the My Profile -> Security link.

Type in your user name and password, and then type in the new question and answer.

1.5. Profile / My Exclusives

You can access your profile as well as all your personalized site features by visiting the My Exclusives link shown in the top right corner of every page:

My Exclusives

Your profile is the basic information that we store about you, and display to others. You're not required to fill in a complete profile, because your basic registration details are sufficient for us to build a basic profile.

Your friends can, however, see your complete profile.

You do not need to upload a profile photo, but if you decide to upload one, please remember that it will be seen publicly, and so you we request that you refrain from uploading embarrassing or offensive images.

On your profile you can store up to 5 physical addresses, 5 postal addresses, and 5 email addresses. This information is then available for you to select from when making purchases. Your email addresses can also be used for newsletter subscriptions.

The last part of your profile (interests, hobbies, etc) is also entirely optional, but if you fill it in, it will assist us in finding products that will be of interest to you.

2. Fanatics

2.1. Learn about Fanatics

Fanatics is the exciting rewards programme offered by Exclusive Books. Online, Fanatics can earn points for their purchases, and look up the details of their rewards. For complete information about Fanatics, please click here.

2.2. Joining Online

If you are not a member, and would like to join the programme, you can now do so online. Make sure you are signed in to your account and then visit this link.

Select the "Join Now" tab. If you are already a fanatics member, but you haven't linked your Fanatics profile to your Exclusives account, click on "Yes", Enter your Fanatics Number and your profile will be automatically linked to your Exclusives account. If you are unsure of what your Fanatics number is, phone our Fanatics call centre on 0800 332 550.

If you are not a Fanatics member, and would like to join, click on "No", fill in the relevant details and click on "Join Now".

Once you have joined up, you will be shown a temporary card, which looks like this:

Online Generated Fanatics card

You can print this out to use in any one of our stores while you wait for your permanent card to be sent to you. Of course, once you have joined, you can shop and earn rewards online immediately, as you don't need a card in cyberspace.

2.3. Looking up your Fanatics points

To check your points earned and to see what vouchers you have to spend, sign in to your account and visit your profile. From within your profile there is an option to check your Fanatics points. Simply click on this and you will be shown a screen similar to the one shown below:

Your Fanatics Points

3. Product Information

3.1.Finding items

3.1.1. Basic search
A basic search tool appears throughout the site, in the upper right corner.

Basic Search
To use this search tool, simply enter any text (such as the title, keyword or the name of a contributor) that relates to the product you are looking for. Our search engine is very smart and will most likely bring back exactly what you are looking for.

3.1.2 Advanced search

If you want to be very specific about your search terms, you can user our advanced search feature. You can access this here, or by clicking the link next to the basic search input field.

Advanced Search

Each product category (books, ebooks, audiobooks, special offers and stationery and gifts) has a slightly different form to fill in when performing an advanced search. You can access each product category's form by clicking the tabs across the top of the advanced search page.

Advanced Search Tabs

Once you have the form for the relevant product category in front of you, fill in any combination of fields and press Search.

3.1.3 Search Results

When you search, you will be presented with a listing of matching products. This listing consists of a small image (if one is available), and some basic information about the product.

Search Results

To see more detail about a particular product, click that product's image or title. The detail display is discussed below.

Clicking any of the other linked information in the product listing will launch a new search.

If you have searched using the advanced search feature mentioned previously, only items in the category you searched will be displayed. However, there will be links to items in other categories that also match your search.

Search Results Categories

3.2. Item detail

From the item detail page you perform a number of functions, which are highlighted in the image below:

You can rate the product, add a tag to the product, write a review, or comment on another user's review.

Product Information Screen

From this detail page you can also add the item to your shopping bag, add the item to a wish list, or add the item to a user list.

Product Information Screen

The type of information displayed on the item detail page will differ depending on the product category.

3.3. Rating an Item

You should rate an item if it is an item that you own or have seen/heard/read/played. The idea behind rating is to express a succinct opinion about a product you are familiar with.

Our rating scale starts at zero and peaks at 10.

To rate an item, select the link on the item detail page and you will be shown the interface below:


Simply select the rating you would like to apply and click Submit.

You can rate the same item any number of times, but only your most recent rating will be taken into account.

Your individual rating for the item is not displayed. Instead, the system calculates the average rating based on all the ratings by site users, and displays this average, as shown below:


3.4. Tagging an Item

A tag is a word that you think describes the item, or which you can use to help you organize items. Other people will see your tags, and we don't moderate tags before they're displayed. We're asking nicely: please don't use profanity. (If you see any tags or other content that you think is inappropriate, you can tell us and we'll investigate).


To add a tag, simply select the link on the item detail page. You'll be shown an interface like this one below:


You can enter one or more words, separated by commas. Each word will be treated as a separate tag.

Once done, your tags will be displayed in the tag cloud associated with the product:

Tag Cloud

If many people use the same tag for a product, that tag will be bolder and larger in the tag cloud.

3.5. Reviewing an Item

You should write a review when you have read, seen, heard or played a product. Your review should ideally be more than a simple statement about whether you liked a product or not. We have a facility for rating a product if you don't have anything more considered to say.

Be aware that your review will not be moderated, and will appear immediately on the web site. Other users will see it, and so we're asking you not use foul language or write anything insulting, derogatory, inflammatory or illegal. If you see a review that you think is inappropriate, you can tell us and we'll look into it).

To add a review, simply select the link on the product detail page, and you will be shown the following interface:


You can rate the item here (this will over-write a previous rating you may have applied), and then fill in the form. The counter will tell you how many characters you have left at your disposal. When you're done, click Save and you will be redirected to the product page, where your review will appear along with other customer reviews.

You can see a collection of your reviews by signing in to your profile and accessing My Reviews.

3.6. Commenting on a Review

You can comment on another user's review if you don't feel it is necessary to write a complete counter-review of your own, or if you just want to agree with what they've written.

Your comment will appear on the site immediately, without being moderated. Please don't write anything rude, lewd, crude, insulting, illegal or filthy. (If you see something you think is inappropriate, let us know and we'll look into it).

To add a comment, just click the link next to the review. You will be shown the interface below:


You can give a review a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, and then write your brief comment.

3.7. What to do about inappropriate content

We don't moderate your content in advance. We trust you to behave sensibly and with respect for other site users. We do, however, have a mechanism for moderating your content after the fact, if a site user alerts us to something they think is inappropriate.

Inappropriate content is profanity, lewd remarks, insulting language, blatantly offensive slurs against race, sexual preference, religion, gender, political affiliation, etc, and language that incites or instructs how to perform illegal acts.

Every piece of content that a user has put on the web site is accompanied by a link like this:

Report This

Clicking this link will alert our site content staff that something may be wrong. The content you've flagged will be temporarily removed from the site until we've finished investigating. If we don't think there's a problem, we'll release the content back into the wild and you'll be sent an email explaining the decision. If we agree that the content is inappropriate, we'll remove it permanently. You'll receive a notification in email, and the user who generated the content will also be sent a notification.

Users who repeatedly create inappropriate content will be black-listed for a period of time. This will prevent them from contributing any content to the site for a fixed period. The black-list duration is discretionary and we reserve the right to black-list any user permanently.

On the other hand, users who repeatedly flag content as inappropriate that is, in our view, not inappropriate, will also be black-listed. The same black-list rules apply.

3.8. Lists

A list is a collection of products, with a title and some commentary. You can create lists about anything you like, and publish them to other users of the site. Any product that is in our product catalogue can appear on a list.

To create a list, visit My Exclusives, and then click My lists, as shown below.


Each list requires a category (the default is All, but you can make lists of only books, or films, for instance). You must also name your list (for instance, 'My favourite vampire novels'), and write some text describing the contents of the list.

To add items to the list, simply use the search functions to find products in the catalogue. On each item's detail page you will see a link where you can add the item to a list, as shown in the image below.

Add Wish List

Add Wishlist 2

Clicking this link will open an interface where you can select the list you want to add the item to.

Once your list has at least 5 items on it, it will automatically become a public list and other users will be able to see it. A link to your list will be displayed alongside any product that is on the list.

You can manage, edit and delete lists from inside My Exclusives.

3.9. Wish list

A Wish list is a list of products that you are interested in buying, but not ready to purchase yet. This list can serve as a reminder of products that you have seen that you would like to purchase in the future.

Your Wish List can be accessed in two different ways. The first and most obvious way is to select my WISH LIST from the right hand sidebar menu, as shown below:

Wish List

This will take you to the my WISH List section on My Exclusives, if you are already signed in. If you are not signed in, the link will take you to the sign in page, and then redirect you to your wish list after you have completed the sign in.

You can also access your wish list by signing in to your profile, and clicking on my LISTS.

My Lists

3.9.1 Adding an item to a wish list

Items can be added to the wish list by accessing the drop down menu that appears on the product information and search results screens, as shown below:

Add Wishlist

Add Wishlist 2

3.9.2 Managing items on the wish list

Items on the wish list can managed in several ways. After you have added the products to the list, you have the option of adding them to your shopping bag or removing them from the list. This can be done by using the links on the side bar, or through the links on the My Lists tab.

Manage Wishlist

On the My Lists screen in My Exclusives, you also have the option to convert your wish list to a user list. To do this you have to click on the link as shown below:

Manage Wishlist 2

This will bring up the following screen:

Manage Wishlist 3

By filling in the relevant details on the screen, you can convert it to a user list.

4. Profile Information


You can choose to add any product on the site to your list of favourites. This will allow you to easily go back to those product pages in future, and will also notify your friends about the products you like the most.

To make something a favourite, simply search for the product in the catalogue, and click through to the detail page. Once there, select the link to add the item to your favourites.

Add to Favourites

Add to Favourites

To access your list of favourite products, visit my Exclusives and click on the Favourites link on the left hand sidebar.

Favourites Access

This will take you through to the My Favourites page:

My Favourites

On this page you can view the different items that have been added to your Favourites List. You will also have the opportunity to remove items from your favourites list. To do this, click on the X next to the item:

My Favourites 2

4.2. Newsletters

Exclusives sends out monthly newsletters on a variety of topics, which you can subscribe to. When subscribed, the newsletter will be sent to your via email regularly. However, if you do not wish to subscribe, you can view the newsletters on the web site.

To view newsletters, simply click the Newsletters image shown in most places on the site:


This will display a list of newsletters, and clicking on the name of any newsletter will take you to the current edition.


To view older newsletters, you can user the date search tool at the top of the newsletter listing page:

Newsletters Archive

This will show a list of newsletters from the relevant month. Again, clicking the name of the newsletter will display the relevant content.

If you are signed in, you can subscribe to a newsletter by simply clicking on the "Subscribe" link next to a newsletters' name.

If you are subscribed to any newsletters and signed in, then the newsletters list will indicate which newsletters you are already subscribed to by displaying a tick-mark in the box next to the relevant newsletter. To unsubscribe, simply click on the "Unsubscribe" button.

You can also manage your newsletter subscriptions from within my Exclusives.

5. Shopping Information

5.1.Shopping bag

The shopping bag is a list containing all the products that you have selected to purchase.

5.1.1. Mini bag

The Mini bag can be found on the right hand sidebar. It contains a list of all the products that you have added to your bag that you can view while browsing through the site. It also contains links to edit the content of the bag like removing products from the bag or moving the products to the wish list.

Mini Bag

5.1.2. Bag listing

By clicking on the My bag link on the Mini bag bar, you will be taken through to the My bag screen:

My Bag

On this screen you have the option to view the change your quantities, remove items, move items to your wish list and view your bag total. To change the quantities you can either use the up and down arrows next to the quantity, or enter the desired quantity in the text box.

You can also remove items from your bag. To remove individual items, simply click on the Remove link. To delete all the products from your bag at once, click on the Empty bag button.

This screen also displays the grand total for your bag (excluding delivery fees), as well as the total amount of Fanatics point you will earn with this purchase.

To continue shopping from this page, you can either browse the various product categories, or search for more items using our search functions.

You can also proceed with the sale by clicking on the Next button.

5.2. Checkout

5.2.1 Checkout process

To start the checkout process, simply click on the checkout link on the Mini Bag sidebar and follow the steps.

Step 1

Confirm the titles, quantities and availability of your order. This screen displays the total amount of fanatics points, as well as the amount of purchace for your order (excluding delivery fees).

To modify the quantities, you can either type in the required amount, or use the arrow keys to modify the total. Click on Update once you are done.

Once you are satisfied, click on Next.

Step 2

On this screen you have to confirm the recipient and delivery address of your order.


You can choose between two different delivery methods, delivery to a specific address, or delivery to a store. Selecting "Deliver to address" will bring up the following options:

Delivery to address

You can choose to have your order delivered to one of the addresses saved on your profile, or to another address.

Choosing to deliver to a store will display a drop down menu where you can select a shop closest to you:

Delivery to stores

After you have made your selection, click on the Next button.

Step 3

If you selected to have your order delivered to a specific address you will be presented with the following screen:

Checkout Step 3

On this screen you can select whether you want your ordered delivered Door-to-door or via the Post office. You can also choose to consolidate your order or to ship the items seperately.

This screen also displays the Delivery costs of the various options.

If you selected to have your order shipped to a store, you are presented with the option to consolidate your order, or have it shipped individually. Because delivery to our stores is free, there is no extra cost in choosing to have your order shipped individually.

To view our delivery options and costs, click here.

Once you have made your selection, click on the Next button.

Step 4 offers you the option of giftwrapping your order at no extra cost. Just tick the box and enter the recipients' name and add a personalised message.

Checkout Step 4

Click "Next".

Step 5

This screen displays a summary of all the items on your order, as well as the delivery costs and the total amount for the order. If you have available Gift Vouchers, they will be displayed here.

Checkout Step 5

Click Next.

Step 6 - Payment Options

This screen displays the various payment options you have. You can choose between Credit Card payments and Direct Deposits.

To pay via Credit Card:

Fill in the relevant details, accept the terms and conditions and click on Pay now.

To pay via Direct Deposit:

If you select Direct Deposit as your payment option, we provide you with our banking details. You can then deposit the money directly into our account, via Internet Banking or manual deposits. Please send your proof of payment to or fax it to +27 11 807 1063, quoting your order number in the subject field. Click on Pay now.

5.2.2 Delivery methods and costs provides various ways of shipping your products to you.

Delivery to a store - Free.

Local door to door - R60 per parcel. If an order is split into multiple shipments by the customer, then each shipment will be charged at R60.

Local postal - R100 per parcel. If an order is split into multiple shipments by the customer, then each shipment will be charged at R65.

Promotional items - Some items will be flagged for free shipping. Any other items shipped with this item will also be shipped free. If an order is split into multiple shipments by the customer, only the shipment containing the promotional item is free. Other shipments will be charged at the normal rate for the delivery method. Promotional items are only shipped free inside South Africa.

Shipments to the value of R350 or more - Shipments to the value of R350 or more are shipped free inside South Africa. The price of digital products is excluded when calculating the total.

International door to door - Rates for international door to door shipping are calculated zonally. If an order is split into multiple shipments by the customer, then each shipment will be charged at the zonal rate.

Zone 1 - R650

Zone 2 - R1000

Zone 3 - R1350

Zone 4 - R1500

Zone 5 - R1550

You can find a list of the different zones here.

5.2.3 Consolidating or splitting orders gives you the option to split or consolidate your order.

If you choose to consolidate your order, it will be shipped to you via your preferred method as soon as all the items on your order is available.

Should you choose to split your order, the products will be shipped to you when we receive them. You will be seperately charged for every shipment.

5.3. Payment options

The total cost of an item is determined by adding the Exclusives prices, displayed on the item detail page, and the cost of shipping the item to you. All items are displayed with VAT included and there are no hidden costs. However, if you live outside South Africa, there may be import or postal duties levied on your purchase, over which we have no control.

Full payment is expected before we place your order with our suppliers. In the case of a credit card transaction, we will acquire the funds using our payment gateway. However, in the case of a direct deposit payment, the onus in on you to ensure that we receive proof of payment.

Credit cards - We accept American Express, Diners, Visa and MasterCard. Your credit card details, (Name on card, number, expiry date and last 3 digits on the back of your card) will be requested on the Payment page.

Direct Bank Deposits and Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) - If we cannot fulfill part of or your order, a credit will be passed for your order and you would need to forward your order number as well as bank details to, so that we can effect the refund.

Our Bank Details

Bank: FNB
Account name: Exclusive Books Group (Pty) Ltd
Branch name: Killarney
Branch code: 256-205
Account: 62457666356
Account type: Commercial Cheque Account
Reference: [your order number, for example 1040000000]

Please note that when you choose the option to pay by Direct Deposit or EFT, you will need to email your proof of payment to to ensure speedy processing of your order.

Also remember to quote your order number on all correspondence.

5.4. Digital product delivery

If you need help accessing and using your eBooks, click here.

If you pay by credit card or voucher, your digital goods will be delivered immediately after you complete the checkout process. On the final page of the checkout you will be shown hyperlinks that will allow you to download the products.

If you pay by direct deposit, your digital goods will be delivered when we have verified payment. The hyperlinks to download the digital goods will be sent to your primary email address.

You can also sign in to your profile at any time, and access the My Orders link. If you have orders for digital goods that have not yet been collected, the relevant hyperlinks will be displayed on a screen.

5.5. Viewing and tracking orders

To access your orders click on the My Exclusives link and select My Profile and then Orders:

My Orders

On this page you can view the details of all your orders, including the order's current status. You can also send a message to our customer services by clicking on the relevant link and completing the form.

If you have any questions on the current status of your order, do not hesitate to call our call centre on +27 11 798 0111.

6. Email a page

Most pages on can be conveniently emailed by using the built in functionality provided. If you see one of the links shown below on a page, it can be sent.

Email or Print a page

Email Share Tag

Clicking the link will open a form that looks like this:

Email page

Fill in the form and press Submit.

7.Print a page

Most pages on can be printed out for your convenience. If you see the link shown below on a page, then there is a printer-friendly version of the page available.

Print Page

Clicking the link will load the printer-friendly version, which you can then print.

8. Security

For more information about our security policy, click here.

9. Contacting us

Our contact details can be found here.

On the same page you can also send us a direct message using the form provided. When sending us a message, you are required to provide your first name, last name and email address, as well as your message text. Submitting this form will send an email to our call centre, which will follow up on your message and contact you back if necessary.

10. Corporate sales

We are often asked if we are able to handle bulk purchases or make special arrangements for corporate customers. The answer is a resounding YES, we are more than happy to assist in this regard. We have a dedicated corporate sales team waiting for you to get in touch, so visit this page to start the ball rolling.

11. Our stores

You can find a complete list of all Exclusive Books stores, with addresses and contact details, by visiting our store locator, which looks like this:


Simply select the relevant province from the map, and you will be shown a list of stores in that province. Click any item in the list to see the detailed information about the store.