In 2002, in a move to formalize our corporate social responsibility programme, Exclusive Books established the Exclusive Books Reading Trust.

The three Trustees are Zakes Mda, Mandla Langa, and Brian Wafawarowa, all well-known and highly respected figures in the South African literary world.  The Exclusive Books Reading Trust stems from a consortium formed between Exclusive Books and the Reading Trust to operate a retail outlet at the Domestic Departures Terminal at Johannesburg International Airport in 2002.

The public image of Exclusive Books is that of a chain of bookshops catering to a sophisticated reading market.  But beyond that, we seriously regard ourselves as partners of all schools and libraries in South Africa, in the attempt to make books accessible to the wider population and to encourage the establishment of a reading culture in this country.

The Reading Trust was established with the view of funding literacy, library and reading projects around the country, with a particular emphasis on the donation of children’s books and the development of children’s reading.

We have opened libraries in big cities & faraway places, from Cape Town to Limpopo, the gift of a library often means more than just a place of books.  The library becomes a community center, a place of safety, where people can meet & take time to read a book, narrate a story or even catch up on some news.

Besides the libraries that we have been involved with, the Reading Trust donates thousands of books every year to various organization & charities.  There are amazing projects being run in this country by amazing people. The Exclusive Books Reading Trust is privileged to be working with some of them, trying to share our passionate belief that books can change lives.

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