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    10 May 2010
    South Africa
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In July, 1973 it was a common daily practice for 13 year old LITTLE RONNIE JOYCE to leave home at dawn and make his way to the small fishing village of Kalk Bay, near Cape Town. It was common for him to amuse and delight the many fishing folk with his natural singing talent. He soon started performing as a featured singer in a well known Cape Town nightclub with a local band.
In August, the life of Little Ronnie Joyce was about to change dramatically. He was approached by the managers of RICHARD JON SMITH - CLIVE CALDER and RALPH SIMON - to perform a short spot on the record breaking tour of the Cape by RICHARD JON SMITH. Nervously, he undertook his challenge with the vigour and prowess of a true professional, far older than his mere 14 years. The audience reaction was astonishing.
So great was LITTLE RONNIEżS impact that the whole country was soon raving about this fantastic discovery. He went on to record many hits and some are featured on this album
1.Give A Little Love
2.Working On A Good Thing
3.Let it Happen
4.Hooked on A Feeling
5.Everybody Knows
6.Give An Inch Baby
7.Tryżna Get Thru To You
8.Baby Baby Come Closer
9.I Need A Little Love
10.Iżll Never Be The Same