• Loliwe


    Published By:
    EMI Music
    Released Date:
    29 August 2011
    South Africa
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TS Records has struck gold with the label's newest signing, Zahara. Already the singer, songwriter and guitarist from the Eastern Cape has caused a stir with a guest appearance on Nhlanhla Nciza's DVD and a vocal cameo on Sound Revival. Working with producers like Robbie Malinga, Zahara represents a new generation of South African female artists through her songwriting and guitar playing - evoking comparisons with the likes of Tracy Chapman, though featuring lyrics that are in Xhosa and so making for a distinctly South African sound.
01. Destiny
02. Umthwalo
03. Loliwe
04. Xa Bendingena Mama
05. Ndize
06. Incwad' Encane ft GeorgynKanana
07. Lengoma
08. My Guitar
09. Thekwana
10. Away
11. Brand New Day
12. Shine